Overview - Belgian Centre of Excellence

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The Belgian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence for Training, Research and Education is Belgium’s central coordination and collaboration platform in the fight against cybercrime. Bundling the expertise forces of several academic research groups, public sector bodies andbusinesses in Belgium and beyond the national borders, the B-CCENTRE coordinates interdisciplinary research on cybercrime topics, the development and teaching of basic and advanced cybercrime trainings for actors involved in the fight against cybercrime from different backgrounds and the implementation of cybercrime awareness initiatives.

Driven by the B-CCENTRE coordination, researchers at the research groups ICRI (the Interdisciplinary Centre for law and ICT) COSIC (Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography), DistriNet (research on distributed and networked software security), the Institute for Criminal Law and the Leuven Institute for Criminology of the Katholieke Univeristeit Leuven, the cryptography experts at the Univeristé Catholique de Louvain, the Research Center on IT and Law (CRID) of the Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix of Namur and criminologists of the Tilburg University (the Netherlands) collaborate interdisciplinary on specific cybercrime and cyber forensics related topics in both fundamental and applied research activities.

Together with experts on the field from public sector organisations (from Belgium: the Federal Computer Crime Unit of the Federal Police, the Institute for Judicial Training, the National Institute from Criminalistics and Criminology, the Federal Public Services for Internal Affairs and for Information and Communication Technology) and industry partners (Microsoft, CSC, Cisco, Atos Origin and the Belgian federation of the financial sector-Febelfin), the academic B-CCENTRE partners design and teach basic and advanced trainings on specific cybercrime topics for all players involved in tackling cybercrime, and develop and implement awareness initiatives for the Belgian citizens. The centre strives to function in a very open and transparent fashion, involving all interested partners from different backgrounds active in the Belgian cybercrime scene, not limited to the current list of partners.

The B-CCENTRE also assures collaboration in the fight against cybercrime beyond the Belgian borders. Apart from the above mentioned cooperation with Dutch academia and governmental bodies and international companies, the B-CCENTRE’s research, training and awareness initiatives are also shared on a European and global level. The centre partners with the Estonian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence and the centres in Dublin (Ireland), Troyes and Montpellier (France), as well as with newly created centres in the UK, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. It is member of the European 2CENTRE network for Cybercrime Centres of Excellence for Training, Research and Education for the coordination and exchange of cybercrime research and training activities.

The B-CCENTRE is also represented at different fora at European level, dealing with the issue of cybercrime and collaborates with the main institutions in the fight against cybercrime (European Commission, Council of Europe, European Cybercrime Centre, Europol, ENISA, UNODC…)