Research - Belgian Centre of Excellence


B-CCENTRE bundles the expertise of several research groups through the creation of an inter-departmental and inter-university knowledge network. Researchers at the research groups ICRI (the Interdisciplinary Centre for law and ICT) COSIC (Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography), DistriNet (research on distributed and networked software security), the Institute for Criminal Law and the Leuven Institute for Criminology of the Katholieke Univeristeit Leuven, the cryptography experts at the Univeristé Catholique de Louvain, the Research Center on IT and Law (CRID) of the Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix of Namur and criminologists of the Tilburg University (the Netherlands) collaborate interdisciplinary on specific cybercrime and cyber forensics related topics in both fundamental and applied research activities. 

This allows the Centre of Excellence to offer a multidisciplinary view on cybercrime.
• Technology (cyberattack techniques, cryptanalysis, embedded/cloud forensics, traffic analysis, wire-speed/intelligent monitoring, intrusion detection, …)
• ICT & Media Law (privacy, infosecurity, protection of minors, electronic Communications) & Criminal law (criminal procedure, electronic evidence, investigation techniques, …)
• Criminology (organised cybercrime phenomena, criminal use of electronic networks, child pornography …)
A first output of the research can be consulted in the publications made available via the B-CCENTRE website