Dissemination - Centre of Excellence Bulgaria

Development and establishment of a working B2CENTRE and dissemination of its activities and initiatives are the main objectives of this project and will be accomplished by several activities: project team meeting and kick off, development of B2CENTRE structure, establishment of Advisory Board and conducting regular meetings, development of a web site, public awareness campaign, conducting coordination meetings and summarizing the results and presenting to the public.

Activity 1: Project team meeting and kick off

The aim of this activity is to start the project implementation phase and introduce to the public the 2Centre model and its benefits for the society, to disseminate the roles among partners and coordinate the efforts and activities' timeline and to plan the project visibility responsibilities. The event will be held in Sofia. Total number of participants: 56.

Activity 2: Development of the Bulgarian Centre of Excellence structure

In this activity will be planed and developed a working centre of excellence model for Bulgaria to join the existing 2Centre. This model proposal will be subject of discussion for the upcoming Advisory Board meetings.

Activity 3: Establishment of Advisory Board and selection of its members

Advisory Board will discuss and decide on B2CENTRE's model, program, maintenance and further development of activities.

Activity 4: Advisory Board meetings to coordinate implement and monitor current activities.

There will be an Advisory Board meeting every four months to assess the results, monitor the project implementation and further plan next activities.

Activity 5: Development of web site for general public and partners.

The web site will promote the B2CENTRE’s services and goals, will inform the public for the important cybercrime threats and build trust in Internet services.

Activity 6: Public awareness campaign

This activity aims to promote creation of the Bulgarian Centre of Excellence and improve Internet culture of users; to introduce to the public and concept and activities of the B2Centre and 2Centre and its impact on the fight against cybercrime. A CD-ROM with video on how to prevent from cybercrime and brochures will be developed and disseminated. Public lecture with the aim to raise the Internet culture of the end users will be organized. Total number of participants: 70.

Activity 7:Coordination Meetings 

Conducting coordination meetings with 2Centre and UCD with a focus on implementing their know-how and training modules in Bulgaria, keeping up to speed with European initiatives and participating in such when organized by the partners. 2 meetings will be hold in Dublin.

Activity 15: Final Report

Official closing of the project and final report. This activity aims to summarize the results and present them to the public. The event will take place in Sofia with total number of participants – 70.