Dissemination - Centre of Excellence England

DisseminationProject dissemination and centre establishment are based on several key activities including project management and operation, internal project dissemination newsletter, the creation and management of the ecentre website, the initial project meeting, 2CENTRE Project Liaison, Self-Evaluation and Review. 2CENTRE Project Review, External Peer Review and Primary Project Dissemination Conference

Activity 1: Project Management and Operation

Crucial to the success of this project (with so many separate partners) is the close monitoring and management of activities. In this project this will comprise a financial  and operational administration function supporting a coordination management role to ensure timely execution of the projects activities and financial reporting processes.

Activity 2: Internal Project Dissemination - Weekly Newsletter

This task forces a regular, periodic review of activities across the project partners and ensure all participants are updated on progress.

Activity 3: Creation and Management of ECENTRE Website

Establishing the external web presence for the project and acting as a portal to ECENTRE facilities and reources. The website will act as a vehicle for primary communication and interaction between partners of the ECENTRE project in the UK. It will provide access to ECENTRE materials based upon the organisation making a request, the nature of the artefact/report requested and any distribution restrictions identified when the artefact was added. The number of organisations in the UK is expected to grow with ECENTRE membership. Access to materials will also be granted to other 2Centre centres of excellence acoss the EU. More basic information and general-release contents will be available to any organisation/individual in the EU  To facilitate access and promote the project key web pages will be translated into a number of EU languages.

Activity 6: Initial Project Meeting

The intentions of holding a initial project meeting are to bring all participants to a common level of understanding:    of protocols and standards being used across the project (activity 4's output); to answer specific questions regards the roles of individual partners have in the development; to begin the formal and infoirmal networking to be developed between partners in their regional groups and partners across the national network; to synchronise planned development trips; agree processes for involving advisory organisations in the work of ECENTRE;  agree processes for bringing new organisations into the ECENTRE network.

Activity 11: 2CENTRE Project Liaison

Fundamental to this process is working with the 2Centre project to gain recognition of ECENTRE as a national centre of excellece in the 2Centre network. The aims of this liaison activity are to allow for 2Centre to review and comment on progress and outputs made by ECENTRE and to form strong professional networking links with the other existing centres within 2Centre. The intention is that these links are formed by each of the regional ECENTRE groups as well as at national level.

Activity 12: Self-Evaluation and Review

A necessary activity for all partners in the bid is to reveiew on a continuous basis their work in the context of develpments across the ECENTRE project including adherence to the standard form and protocols of work (deliverables from activity 4) and the roadmaps for development (output from activity 7).

Activity 13: 2CENTRE Project Review

Fundamental to this process is working with the 2Centre project to gain recognition of ECENTRE as a national centre of excellece in the 2Centre network. The aims of this activity is to provide the oppoprtunity for 2Centre to formally review the ECENTRE project across its life-cycle.

Activity 14: External Peer Review

External Peer Review from organisations inside and outside of the EU provide another dimension of consideration outside of the 2Centre project unberella which may be valuable in identifying missed opportunities for development and benchmarking against other international standards.

Activity 15: Primary Project Dissemination Conference

Project develoments and future plans will be disseminated at the 7th International Conference on Cybercrime Forensics Education and Training. This conference series brings together law-enforcement, academics and commercial companies in exactly the area of interest of ECENTRE. It is an ideal vehicle for partners to publish outputs from the ECENTRE project, network with those working in the field and bring new organisations into the ongoing work of ECENTRE.