Greek Cybercrime Centre - Overview

Greek Cybercrime CenterThe Greek Cybercrime Center (GCC) is part of an emerging coordinated European effort which has the capacity to significantly improve education and research in the newly growing area of cybercrime. As a national project, GCC seamlessly complements similar national projects.

The objectives of GCC are to:

  • To become the Greek knowledge centre in the area of cybercrime.
  • To collaborate closely with other similar national cybercrime centers
  • To mobilize the Greek constituency in the area of cybercrime training, research and education.
  • To provide high quality short training courses in the area of cybercrime
  • To provide interdisciplinary University courses in the area of cybercrime targeting both law students as well as computer scientists and engineers.
  • To advance research in the area of cybercrime, focusing particularly in areas dealing with botnet research, cyber attacks, and in general the infrastructure used to fuel cybercrime activities.

GCC has assembled a unique set of Greek participants, leaders in their field not only at a national but at a European level as well.

  • FORTH, the applicant and manager of the project, has been performing cutting-edge research in the area of cyber security, publishing in top venues, and  leading (or participating in) several cyber security/forensics related projects.
  • SafeNet, the Greek self-regulatory body for the Internet content, has been a leading figure in the area of Safer Internet, playing a leading role not only in Greece but in European Organizations as well.  
  • AUTH, the largest University in Greece, through its law school, has been in the forefront of exploring the interaction between law and ICT.
  • Center for Security Studies (KEMEA), the research, scientific and consulting agency of Hellenic Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection is successfully participating in more than 30 research projects under the Seventh Framework Programme of the EC  and is authorized to provide professional certification through examinations.