Centre of Excellence Lithuania - Activities

LC3E will promote cybercrime investigation trainings, R&D and education. Activities focusing on

  • Creation (adaption of already developed by other EU Member States) of training programs;
  • Establishment of Centre of Excellence based on private-public partnership (PPP);
  • Joining the network of EU Cybercrime Centres of Excellence;
  • Local cybercrime knowledge& resources database development;
  • R&D and forensic tools development (or adaption of already developed tools) in partnership with other EU Member States experts;
  • Dissemination of results and activities using international Cybercrime Centres of Excellence web portals.

Private-public partnership based Centre and inter-disciplinary teams will promote cross-institutional and cross-border cooperation among cybercrime professionals.

Common and standardised training programmes (developed, adapted and shared) with partners from other EU Member States will create the basis for better cooperation and mutual understanding of EU Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) by using the same glossary, working same way (processes are localised as minimum, as regulatory basis differs).

Shared certification programmes will lead to better cooperation and legal processes integrity as well as international expertise recognition, that will distribute to faster and more successful international crimes resolution.

Project for L3CE development

L3CE started to implement the Project “Lithuanian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence for Training, Research &Education (L3CE)”, Grant Agreement No  HOME/2013/ISEC/AG/INT/4000005176), which is financed by European Commission under the Programme EC DG Home Affairs ISEC (Prevention of and against crime 2007-2013), theme - Illegal Use of Internet. The Project started in July 2014 and will last for 18 month. 

The project continues the 2Center network project idea to establish sustainable network of Cybercrime Centres of Excellence that will be able to grow in ensuing years and create a truly global collaborative platform

The major objective is to improve the results in fighting against cybercrime in Lithuania as well as international cybercrimes in East Baltic Region and EU.

This project focuses on:

  • Increase competence. To establish good training and educational base for long lasting change in competence development and maintenance in the field of cybercrime related topics;
  • Be up to date. To bring newest developments to LT and assure constant innovation by facilitation of interdisciplinary R&D;
  • Collaborate locally. To bridge public and private sectors and magnify the results by bundling the expertise and forces of academia, research groups, public sector bodies and businesses in Lithuania;
  • Collaborate internationally. Join EU network of Cybercrime Centres of Excellence and participate in common developments, collaboration activities;
  • Improve Mutual Understanding. Establish SPOC for cybercrime professionals to exchange the knowledge; to implement knowledge and skills recognition via certification programmes; facilitate collaboration among LT LEA, other national authorities and related EU bodies like European Cybercrime Centre at Europol, CERTA, CERT;
  • Faster results and changes. More coordinated and focused competence, skills and tools development activities by joint interinstitutional and cross-border projects. Adoption and implementation of already developed by other EU Member States training programmes, frameworks, standards and tools instead of independent new developments;
  • Higher awareness and knowledge sharing. To consolidate, promote in centralized way and facilitate maximum audience reach of available recent individual, national and international achievements, developments, trainings as well as most actual problems to be solved;
  • Sustainable results. In order to make all of this working for long time – to establish Lithuanian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence for Training, Research and Education (LC3E), as Cybercrime private-public partnership, as part of EU network of Cybercrime Centres of Excellence, as communication gateway for cybercrime experts and as R&D centre.