B2CENTRE Overview - Centre of Excellence Bulgaria

The B2CENTRE project aims at creating an effective public-private partnership and becoming a regional model for bringing together law enforcement, private industry, and academia to share information to stop emerging cyber threats and mitigate existing ones.

Key objectives include:

  • Joining the existing European Centre of Excellence Network for Training Research and Education (www.2centre.eu) and building the Bulgarian Centre of Excellence;
  • Building a network of strong private-public partnerships for the prevention of cybercrime to contribute for the creation an early warning system network;
  • Training and knowledge transfer.

In order to achieve these we are looking at joining the 2Centre and participate at the production and dissemination of accredited training material for law enforcement and be part of a structured and sustainable framework by building effective partnerships in Bulgaria. With this step we will ensure access to quality material for training law enforcement and ensure partnership between law enforcement, industry and academia.

The exchange of strategic and threat intelligence and good practices is crucial for law enforcement in building successful investigations leading at dismantling the existing criminal groups. In this regard we are looking at creating an early warning system for detecting and addressing cyber threats - that is brining together law enforcement, industry, academia, government, and international organizations in working together in order to create an effective mechanisms for the exchange of information and preventing crime from happening. We will achieve this by conducting first needs assessment and determining the current online threats on one hand and also determining the industry's need for the fast share of information with the purpose to prevent crime from happening. Based on the needs assessment we will then look in developing the center's concept, strategy and action plan together with industry partners. After the completion of the two researches we will conduct a public event in order to make public the initiative and attract new industry members to join the network.

Another important component of our activities is the knowledge transfer. Modular trainings will be developed with the support of the European Centers of Excellence and implemented by the International Cyber Investigation Training Academy. 

The target groups of this project are: law enforcement officers combating cybercrime in Bulgaria and investigators, prosecutors and judges on one hand and businesses and public institutions on the other. The project will be implemented with the support of industry and a significant component of its activities are directly targeting the industry needs in preventing cybercrime. Beneficiaries from the prevention activities are all of us as it is creating a mechanism for fast sharing of information among businesses and law enforcement and will lead at preventing crime from happening.

Project results:

By the end of the project we will have a working Bulgarian Cyber Centre of Excellence, Research and Education; will have a concept, strategy and action plan for a model data center to serve as an early warning system for preventing crime and conduct trainings for law enforcement. The impact will result in building a network of strong private-public partnerships for the prevention of cybercrime on one hand and for improving the Internet culture of users, on the other, which stem from the belief that better knowledge of the threats in the Internet leads to an informed and cautious behavior of Internet users and limitation of the opportunities for committing cybercrimes.

The outreach, transparency and visibility are leading priorities of the Academy partners and our operations and we will undertake series of actions to properly disseminate the results: develop a web site; participate at public forums; develop leaflets and CDs; public articles in all types of media and share information with countries also outside the EU.