Terms in 2Centre

This vocabulary covers the 2centres Centres of Excellence and the Coordination Node


  • 2C-IE (16)

    2Centre Irish Centre of Excellence

  • 2C-IE-09 (1)

    Online Financial Crime Research

  • 2C-IE-10 (1)

    Cyber Safety of European Critical Infrastructure Research

  • 2C-IE-11

    Incident Response Research

  • 2C-IE-12 (1)

    Telecommunications Research

  • 2C-IE-13

    UMAP - Universal Mobile Phones Acquisitions Protocol

  • 2C-IE-14 (1)

    DIVA - Digital Forensics tool for evidence Interpretation Visualisation and Analysis

  • 2C-IE-15 (1)

    DeskTAT - Digital Forensics Desktop Text Analysis Tool

  • 2C-IE-16

    Covert Monitoring Tool Development for Law Enforcement

  • 2C-IE-17

    Trainer Development Programme and Pilot Delivery on 3 occasions

  • 2C-IE-18

    Trainer Development Programme and Pilot Delivery on 3 occasions

  • 2C-IE-19

    Development of AGIS/ISEC Programmes into E-Learning Modules

  • 2C-IE-20 (1)

    General and Hi-Tech Crime Investigation Techniques for Non-LE Cybercrime Professionals

  • 2C-IE-21 (1)

    Awareness Training for Senior LE Officers

  • 2C-IE-22

    Needs Analysis & Development of Existing UCD Masters into a Branched Programme

  • 2C-IE-23

    2Centre Coordination (Ireland)

  • 2C-IE-24

    UCD CCI Centre of Excellence Development Programme

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