Introduction to Training Courses

During the past few years, a series of training courses have been developed to help law enforcement combat the threat of cybercrime. These courses are freely available to laws enforcement agencies on a global basis and were developed with the support of funding by the European Commission and in partnership between experts from Law Enforcement, Academia and Industry.

The courses are:

  • Introductory I.T. Forensics and Network Investigations
  • Intermediate Network Investigations
  • Intermediate Internet Investigations
  • Applied NTFS Forensics
  • Linux as an Investigative Tool
  • Mobile Phone Forensics
  • Wireless LANS and VOIP
  • Live Data Forensics - more details...
  • Forensic Scripting using BASH - more details...
  • Malware Analysis and Investigations - more details...

A maintenance programme has been introduced to ensure the content of the courses is as up to date as possible. The material that is available includes full training packs with course history, learning outcomes, detailed lesson plans as well as suggested timetables, sample assessment questions and examples of how the training may be delivered.

These courses have been delivered on a number of occasions and have also been translated by countries into a number of different languages.

The training has also been incorporated into a Master of Science in Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation offered by University College Dublin and its centre for Cybercrime Investigation

The training packs may be obtained by contacting the Europol High Tech Crime Centre by email at