WG Open Meeting - 7th May 2009, Brussels

The meeting is co-organized by University College Dublin (Ireland) and Université de Technologie de Troyes (France) and hosted by the European Commission.


This meeting is the first meeting set up for an in depth discussion after the two preparatory meetings hosted by University College Dublin Centre for Cybercrime Investigation in October and December 2008 and the Council of Europe Octopus Conference in March 2009. It aims at providing interested universities, industry and law enforcement agencies from Europe and beyond with the opportunity to learn more about the 2CENTRE vision, and see how they can join this project in the short and medium term. It will help University College Dublin (UCD) and Université de Technologie de Troyes (UTT) to identify potential partners, assess their capacity to contribute to the project, and adapt 2CENTRE accordingly. The goal is to allow maximum participation while keeping the project as cost effective as possible.
The two consultants Nigel Jones and Cormac Callanan, who prepared the report on 2CENTRE will present the planned bid for funding to the European Commission under the ISEC programme. This bid will allow the 2CENTRE project to develop the concept into reality and create the Network, in accordance with the recommendations of the report. The bid for funding will have to be submitted in July 2009. Practical considerations (time, resources) will make it necessary that a small number of partners are involved in making the application for funding; however it is vitally important that all interested parties are able to be associated with the bid throughout its duration and beyond.

2CENTRE is an inclusive project welcoming involvement from within and beyond European borders. For more information, click...

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