Activity 32 - Improving Dissemination practices on IT Security/Cybercrime Education of SME's

Activity Description:
Dissemination of cybercrime prevention practices is an issue not only in France but also in whole Europe: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are very difficult to convince when it comes to adapt their practices regarding their own security. SMEs rarely have the knowledge resources to implement a solid defence against cybercrime with appropriate organisational and technological components, although a single attack could bring the business down and threaten the company’s survival.
It is suggested to perform a study on how to better communicate and disseminate good practices, identify the best channels for information, education and training. Then these results will be disseminated to the appropriate structures. The study will draw in French and european practices.
Besides its results on the French situation, the study will provide a template/toolbox for a country willing to address its own situation, to evaluate the needs, identify the appropriate channels, and design its own information, education and training strategy, with the means to evaluate it.