Activity 36 - Study of French Potential Needs in Training

Activity Description

The purpose is to conduct a study on existing trainings in the field of IT Forensic and Cybercrime investigations under a legal, economic and technical approach. A study on training potentials (possibilities) of each partner/anticipated partner of the French centre of excellence will be conducted as well. At the end a study on Law Enforcement Agencies and Industry training needs will be conducted, including an analysis of trainings that should be provided to some stakeholders, on the opinion of the others stakeholders, or should not be provide to them.

Besides its results on the French situation, the study will provide a template/toolbox for a country willing to address its own situation, to evaluate the needs, identify the appropriate channels, and design its own information, education and training strategy, with the means to evaluate it. The model of analysis would be adaptable to other countries, and material could be shared at international level.