2Centre Logo

LOGO - White backgroundWe have used a stylised star resulting from the white space inside a circle of chevrons. It is used...

  • in place of/to represent the stars of the EU flag
  • LOGO - White backgroundas a representation of a Marshal’s Badge in order to communicate the Law Enforcement Agency aspect
  • because the star represents the Excellence in ‘Centre of Excellence’ which we believe is the key unique proposition

Where we have not explicitly used a star we have communicated (by using stylised chevrons)

  1. a group coming together (networking) – and forming a star (excellence) in the negative ‘white’ space in the centre
  2. the chevron used in this collected group (a V-shaped pattern in insignia, heraldry, flag design) is often a sign/badge or insignia used in military or police uniforms to indicate rank

We have taken care to ensure that these design proposals:

  • will reproduce in single colours where necessary
  • will work at large scale for exhibition, seminar, display situations
  • can be reproduced at small sizes on business cards, pens etc.
  • are also optimised for use on certificates/ badges/ lapel pins and
  • will work in print and digital environments,
  • and are modern (cybercrime is a modern phenomenon), fresh, crisp, are approachable but have a sense of authority.