Activity 31 - Upgrade and Transferability of NTECH Masters Training

Activity Description
The University of Technology of Troyes and the Gendarmerie Nationale wish to upgrade the current Masters degree (Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information) followed by Gendarmes at UTT who graduated 2 years beforehand from the NTECH undergraduate degree. This upgrade will be included into the current Master as branch/option stronger investigation/forensics content for both Law Enforcements and Industry.
The following modules and the trainer packages will be developed:

  • One LE-only “advanced/breakthrough forensics” (LEAF), the package will have a distance/autonomous learning component for LE professionals
  • One Industry-only “elementary investigation & forensics for industry” (EIFI) module (face-to-face only)
    Moreover this activity is a training ground for cooperation between UCD/EU project and UTT, as a sizeable amount of material has been developed by UCD/EU project and will be transferred to UTT within the appropriate Intellectual Property agreements so that UCD/EU project's investment is valued.