What is the 2CENTRE project funded by the European Commission?

The 2CENTRE project is designed to build upon the outcomes of previous "Cybercrime Training" projects that have been funded by the European Commission. These identified a concept and delivery plan for the development of academically accredited cybercrime training for the law enforcement communities within the EU Member States and candidate countries.

The primary objective of the project is to continue this work through development of a Cybercrime Centres of Excellence Network for Training Research and Education (2CENTRE), which will enable the production and dissemination of accredited training courses to fit within a structured and sustainable framework.

The project also recognises that there are those in the industry sector that are tasked with combating cybercrime and do not have access to the training and education programmes previously developed.

Industry, Law Enforcement and Academia are the 3 key players in this project and national centres will be developed with a tripartite collaboration. Industry cybercrime players will have the opportunity to participate in training and education programmes alongside their law enforcement counterparts and to aid the development of new training modules and education programmes. Another key feature of the project is research into cybercrime and development of tools. The opportunity for different centres to work together towards common aims is envisaged.

The project commenced with 2 national centres in France and Ireland and a coordination centre whose work will include the development of terms of reference regarding the running of the network; common procedures respecting the national legal and cultural background of current and future network partners.

Each national centre will work on its own list of projects agreed by the partners, and these will aim to enhance the capability of combating cybercrime in the EU and beyond. The project will also have an advisory board.

The project will use meetings, exchange visits, and resources such as web sites for use with the project team and with interested parties. Each separate project within the overall programme will have its own project plan, timetable and project team. Progress will be monitored at regular intervals by the advisory board and the coordination centre. The 2CENTRE concept and plans will be delivered at relevant conferences and seminars to gain support and new members. The final meeting to approve the final report will be held in Troyes, France, following which the report will be submitted to the EC.