What are the expected outcomes of the project?

The outputs and deliverables from this project are manifold and designed to assist the efforts to counter cybercrime in practical ways. Each of the national centres and the coordination centre are responsible for specific projects and the delivery of the outputs.
The individual projects cover the creation of the network, training education and research. The following are examples of the project products:

  • Terms of reference, good practice and common procedures for the running of and recommendations for the future of 2CENTRE;
  • Agreement with Europol for sharing the training material; a fully functioning web site for the project;
  • Anumber of training modules on CD to be made available to all partners of the 2CENTRE project;
  • Forensic Software Tools ready for use; tool validation documentation; instruction manuals/training packs for each tool;
  • Publication of reports for dissemination and use by 2CENTRE partners;
  • Development of e-learning courses;
  • IP specifications for parties involved;
  • Enhancement of existing training and education programmes;
  • Translation of a number of modules and product brochures into other languages.

Contact details of the individual centres may be found here.