Who will benefit from the 2CENTRE project?

Those who will benefit from the creation of the Cybercrime Centres of Excellence Network for Training Research and Education (2CENTRE) are members of the network and these comprise of national centres of excellence who meet the criteria of 2CENTRE and wish to participate in the network.
The 2CENTRE project includes the national centres of France and Ireland as the first members.  During the project phase of the development of 2CENTRE, it is anticipated that other national centres will be developed and apply for network membership.  There are limited funds within the project for support activities for aspiring national centres to participate in some project meetings and to receive help in developing their national centres.  It is important for national centres to be created as partnerships between law enforcement, industry and academia as without these components, it is unlikely that they will meet the criteria that are being developed for membership.
For those countries that perhaps, at this stage, do not envisage the possibility of creating a national centre, the potential of working with other nearby countries to create regional centres should be considered.
The products of the current 2CENTRE project are scheduled to be made available to all members of the network, with some conditions applied to their use.  It is worth remembering that the 2CENTRE network is being created to foster cooperation in the subject area and that new members will need to demonstrate how that will contribute to the future work of the network as it grows.