Activity 28 - Development of Tools and New Investigative Methods for the Analysis of File Systems

Activity Description
The main goal of this activity is to create the grounds for a structured French contribution to Open Source projects which are targeted at file system analysis by putting to work a community of developers in the "Open Development" spirit. Such developers will be found in Academia, Law Enforcement agencies and Industry.
Due to shifts in needs of Law enforcement, research priorities, and simultaneous projects underway in Europe, the activity has been recently reframed into “Collective development of forensic methods and tools systems”, still useful to Law enforcement and demonstrating the feasibility of an Open Community for the development of tools but with a slightly larger technical scope, not only restricted to file systems but also open to forensic softwares and frameworks for example.
If you would like to get involved into this activity, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the contact section.