Activity 27 - Animation of the French Speaking Cybercrime Community

Activity Description
This activity consists of participating to the development of a French Centre of excellence, including the following tasks:

  • Determining the Centre’s legal structure and functioning, the Centre’s partners, categories of partners and advisory board; developing the statutes of the structure
  • Developing a French-language website allowing the general public to access public information and partners to access confidential ones as working documents, meeting minutes, member lists, forums, etc. This website will use and closely follow look & feel & functionalities of main 2centre website
  • Working closely with relevant French stakeholders and/or partners (LEA, relevant Ministries, Industry, other relevant associations or NGO)
  • Identify and qualify potential network/centre members/partners
  • Provide stakeholders with a platform to benefit from selected outputs of the global project (within confidentiality/IPR constraints)
  • Make sure 2centre principles and results are disseminated and objectives met throughout the French-speaking cybercrime community (Industry, LE including smaller administrations eg customs,customs, academia and training/education institutions
  • Liaise, advise, work and transfer knowledge & good practices with potential 2centre applicants within the French community (Europe, North Africa, Africa, Canada…)
  • And a lot more